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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Getting settled in
After spending yesterday taking things apart, loading it and the rest of our stuff into Carlos's car, and making a couple of trips across the river to Maureen's place, putting everything back together, and then going to work, I was just ready to drop by the time I got home. Didn't even bother to convert the futon back into bed-mode; I just curled up on it like it was a couch.

Truth be told, I remember liking the couch as a guy. You could just worm your way into the right angle formed by the back and cushions and just get surrounded. It doesn't work quite so well for me now; the curves make it a less perfect fit, and I find myself tending to move around more in my sleep, not necessarily getting into a fetal position, but occasionally getting a little surprised if my legs went over the edge.

Still, it was nice to have a bed (or bed-like piece of furniture) to myself. At the same time, having Carter in the same room is kind of reassuring for both of us. He's been handling day-to-day stuff better lately, but he can still have pretty intense nightmares. We only came close to slipping up and calling each other Marti and Carter, as opposed to Michelle and Sam, once while Maureen was around; hopefully it won't be much of an issue.

This afternoon, we made a trip to Micro Center to get networking stuff to for when we upgrade from dial-up - dial-up! - to DSL or broadband. Maureen needed a little convincing, since she doesn't do much more than read email online, which caught me and Carter a little by surprise. A couple hours after Maureen went to bed, Carter just shook his head thinking about it. "Dial-up," he said with near-disgust, and rolled his eyes, adding "Women!" as if that explained it all. We both had a good laugh at the irony of that explanation.

On a side note: It is amusing to watch Christian girls like Maureen try not to swear in situations that just seem to cry out for profanity, which describes last night's Red Sox game (and the one before, honestly) to a tee. She was already watching it when I got home, and though she's not really a big fan. We've got it on again tonight, hoping for better.

(Pedro Martinez just said, in a cut-away segment, that we boo Jeter out of respect. That's not the case, at least for me. It's hate. I hate the little son of a bitch for reasons that aren't entirely rational. He's perhaps the most annoying Yankee ever - a good player but not nearly as good as his reputation (especially where defense is concerned), a celebrity despite having no discernable personality, and he always has this smug expression on his face. I hate him. But I digress)

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