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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Blogger's Block
Who would ever have thought that I wouldn't have anything to write for a day or two at a time? But that's what's happened since basically Monday. I've turned on the computer, waited for a connection, gone to Blogger, and just stared at the screen.

Sure, I've taken a couple extra shifts this week, but it seems inconceivable that I've got nothing to say. A year ago, I was scared and confused all the time, but there was always something new to talk about. Now, what am I supposed to do? Oh, had another period. Walked in high heels without falling on my ass. Hey, I'm no longer totally incompetent with lipstick and other cosmetics. The FBI hasn't called. Carter is still Carter, bitter and angry but at least learning to live with it.

I could talk about baseball, or movies, but there's folks who really concentrate on it, and I get grumpy messages whenever I do. Which makes sense; the unique part of this journal is the whole gender-bender aspect, or thinking about identity, or what I can find out about this whole situation. Let's face it, even I can't sustain a whole lot of interest in just recording the minutiae of my life that's not really terribly different from anyone else's.

I suppose I could talk about Maureen, but what's there to say? She's all right; she hasn't been insulting or pushy since we moved in. I kind of expected it to be more contentious.

I only decided to write about this because I noticed there's 300 or so entries now, spanning about a year, and I looked at some of the first entries. It's kind of funny to look at that first week of entries, when the whole "Transplanted Life" concept really meant something completely different. I can't help but wonder how long that original blog would have lasted - I can't imagine updating it at a near-daily pace for much more than a month or so, and for all I know I would have just lost interest.

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