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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Take what you can get
I was this close to calling Nat today. Maureen just rubbed me the wrong way the the first time I met her, and, even though I know she's grown somewhat since then, I have a hard time getting past it. But, even though Natalya has offered and can afford it, it doesn't seem right. Why should she pay for my rent? What makes it her responsibility? Not a thing.

So, at five-thirty, I was at a place off Western Avenue, waiting for Maureen to get home. She was punctual, and we had an awkward moment trying to figure out how to greet each other. "Just think," I said, "we could be this uncomfortable all the time."

This was, she agreed, a nutty idea. And she said she knew it had to be especially weird for me, since at first she was so snotty and judgmental, and for no good reason. And then, after "Carter" got killed, she just did this big one-eighty because, well, you know...

I didn't and she was like, oh, it was just a wake-up call, just that there's no good that comes of thinking you're better than someone, that Carter and Dmitri just thought they could do shit to me and Sam, and that if you think like that, well, you can justify anything, and that's not the way God wants us to treat each other.

Ah, the God stuff. She's not like the kids in Saved! (hey, I had some free time this afternoon), but religion is obviously a pretty important part of her life. Which is cool; most Christians I've met have been helpful, generous people, although the ones who are intolerant sometimes seem to cancel the majority out. I figure Maureen will be a big one on going to church on Sundays, and she's got a couple of "inspirational" posters hanging in the living room. Pretty low-key. She saw me looking at it and said, yeah, she's a Christian, but not one of the annoying ones, she hopes. If Mary was still there, it would be a little overwhelming, but of course if she was...

It's a nice place. She seems to keep it pretty neat, and the room is big enough for both Carter and I to sleep in, at least.

So I said we'd take it. She gave me keys, told me the rent, and said she could take a day off from work if we needed help. I didn't think that would be necessary.

Now... Who do Carter and I know with a truck?

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