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Monday, June 21, 2004
Phone-filled day
Just like being at BioSoft again - I spent all day on the phone before leaving for my real job. In the morning, it was making calls - letting Mags, Agent Jones, and Mr. K know what was coming. Maggie was pretty agreeable, cool about keeping Carter out of it. I was about to hang up and call the FBI when she gave me a little chuckle. "So she and 'Marty' were supposed to be married this past weekend, huh? I feel like I should be jealous or something."

"Or something, definitely."

I got Agent Jones's voicemail next, then called BioSoft. Maureen was still there to answer the phone, but who knows for how much longer. She sounded stressed-out and said Mr. Kraft would be meeting with lawyers all morning, and I told her that I'd really like to talk with him before the PI does.

That got her attention. Investigatiors mean lawyers, and she doesn't want any more of that. I wound up waiting on hold for ten minutes, then talking for five to my old boss. He, as one might imagine, wasn't nearly so eager to help as Mags. Aside from Maggie and I being close, she had a reputation to make from all this stuff where he and his company were more or less on the losing end. I told him that I felt this weird combination of sorry for Natalya and scared of her; she was supposed to have been married Saturday, but the resources she could bring to bear if she focused on me as a target are pretty daunting. He pointed out that he was afraid of the same thing, and warned me that he'd probably have to do a lot of no-commenting. I said that was fine, and not to totally screw himself over on my behalf. He still feels pretty bad about what happened to me and Carter, though, so I think he'll help.

No sooner did that call end than the phone started ringing with incoming calls. I made a couple appointments for Carter and/or me to scope out summer sublets, and a job interview on Friday. Then Doug called, saying a PI had called upon him. I hadn't talked to him, so he'd said "attorney-client privilege." I said I didn't know how they'd found out about him, but I should have warned him anyway. He said it was OK, since the more people who believe me, the better a case I'd have when we were ready to talk litigation.

It turns out Maggie was being "helpful"; she gave Natalya's man all he asked for, including my present boyfriend ("Doug and I are not..."), as well as the cell numbers for Kurt and Wei. I was somewhat less that thrilled to hear that, since I sure as hell don't think I'm ready for them to know.

Still, I wasn't as ticked as Khalil Jones was on the message he left, asking if I knew what kind of fire I was playing with and how much harder I'd just made his and his fellow agents' jobs. He wants me, Carter, Maggie, and anyone else I'd told at the Federal Building at 8AM sharp.

I think it's a very good thing that I've got Doug's cell number now.

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