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Monday, June 07, 2004
All I need
Apparently, the landlord has found out about "Sam" crashing here and wants Carter out. Something about the name not being on the lease; I just got back from work and I'm running a bath so I'll worry about it tomorrow. I know I should worry about it now, but I really don't have the energy.

Finding a new place to live sucks. Especially right now, when I've just gotten away from being out of work and I'm still not making very much. Can't afford to put a new security deposit down without getting the old one back, can't get the old one back until you've moved out. I don't have many things, so I suppose I could just crash with Maggie or Kate for a while, except I don't know how cool either would be about having Carter along. One houseguest who's trying to find a new place is a favor, but two is an imposition.

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