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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Well, I kind of knew it wouldn't be Carter's thing
The Kendall Square movie theater sends out a weekly email, offering free secret screenings tickets. I'm on it, but I haven't tried for tickets since Carter escaped from Dmitri. The whole more important things, not wanting to leave him alone, that sort of thing. I haven't even been reading a lot of the emails and webpages I usually frequent; I've sort of been getting out of the habit. So I didn't even realize they were doing a preview screening of Guy Maddin's The Saddest Music In The World. Maddin's a little on the peculiar side, to say the least, but I'd liked his Dracula ballet last year.

I found out when Kate handed me a copy of the email necessary to get passes; even though the show wasn't until 7:30, she said she and the other finance folks were being crushed with work this week and she'd be in the office too late to get to the screening. I'm not surprised; lots of calls to be routed to Kate and Lizzy the past couple days. Heck, I'm usually out of the building at 5pm sharp (I'm eligible for overtime, so it's encouraged), but the switchboard's just been burning up, and I couldn't get out for another hour. I called Carter, told him I had free movie tickets, and maybe we could stop by the mall and get him some workout stuff.

The sporting goods store was a weird experience for him. He's still not sure about the whole sports-bra thing, but I assured him that they do a pretty good job of holding one's breasts steady, which is really nice when you're running. We wound up spending a little extra money, but he was more comfortable with the ones that practically look like T-shirts, albeit tight ones which bare one's midriff. He just stared at the running shorts for a bit. "I used to run in shorts just like these, and it wasn't any big deal. Why is it now?"

"You've complimented girls' legs but probably haven't been told you had long sexy legs as a guy. You can't help but be aware of that."

"How do you handle it?"

"To tell the truth, having people interested in my body is new and fun. I was a fat kid and even though I lost weight in high school and college, I was never anything exceptional as an adult. Having people like what they see is neat.

"Best thing for you is just take it as recognition for the results of working out. Make it be about recognizing success, not good looks."

Carter grumbled, but didn't disagree.

Then we went to the movie, and I thought it was hilarious, but Carter wasn't impressed. Maddin likes to work in black and white, with a sort of silent movie vibe and really bizarre humor. He made a comment that one good thing about not being my boyfriend anymore would be not getting dragged to weird movies.

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