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Thursday, May 20, 2004
Walking dead
Working for a company you know is going out of business is a soul-draining experience. You try to go on like nothing is different, being professional, and then as soon as you think no-one is looking or listening, you're searching Monster or making calls, and overhearing the other people who think you can't hear them doing the same thing. My personal favorite is the people who stick their heads out of the cubicle, confirm everything's quiet, and then print off five or ten copies of their respective resumés, quickly dashing to the network printer and grabbing them before someone can realize what they're doing.

My job in Seattle, which Andrei took, was for $55,000 a year. All these receptionist jobs I'm finding on Monster are in the $30K/year-or-under range. I wonder if I can sue BioSoft or Dmitri or someone for loss of income, although it's not like they have any money. Well, maybe Dmitri does. I asked Agent Jones about it, after everyone else had left for the night (the attitude toward the FBI Agents has gotten overtly hostile since the announcement, and I'm not sure it'd be good for me these last couple days to be seen talking to them), and he says that he likely must have gotten well-paid for his industrial espionage and bringing Mikhail's mind into the country, but they haven't tracked it down yet. Not that I'd be able to get my hands on it; the government would seize it well before I could sue him for it.

I talked to Mr. Kraft about this, and he suggested that BioSoft might pay for me and Carter to take some MS certification tests. It won't be much help in putting experience or a college degree on "my" resumé, and actual training for a class in C# or .NET would be an expense the lawyers for the firms suing the company would raise their eyebrows at, but it's something.

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