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Sunday, May 23, 2004
Lousy bloody day
Part of the reason I try not to drink too much is that one hangover can screw up your whole sleep cycle for weeks. I get drunk Friday night, so I sleep in past noon yesterday, which means I'm wired until late. I convinced Carter to go see the midnight movie up the road at Coolidge Corner. Kind of a gyp to go see a Once Upon A Time In China movie and not get Jet Li as Wong Fei-Hung, or Rosamund Kwan. It's like the series went direct to video or something. And to make it worse, the projector bulb craps out during the final battle scene. Sure, we got free tickets out of it, but that still means it's quarter to two and we didn't get to see the end of our movie.

Looking for work was just a soul-draining experience. There's places looking for work, and I don't want to say anything is beneath me, but it's depressing. I at least could send resum├ęs as a receptionist to people advertising in the Sunday papers and on Monster; Carter was just stuck with retail. And I realize we're not alone in this. Lots of professionals are looking for jobs they wouldn't have taken five years ago. Still, I look at that stuff and think, I went to college for this.

Apparently I said it out loud, because Carter mentioned that I didn't. At least, if what I say is true, and I'm not Martin Hartle or Michelle Garber but some new, third person, then I have not, actually, been to college. Well, sure, technically I suppose that's the case, but I've got the expereinces and skills from it, so I have effectively gone to college.

He points out that "effectively" doesn't get you a diploma. I point out to him that the Haskinses would probably be thrilled if he called and said he was looking at colleges, but he says that doesn't apply to him, since he knows he's Carter Drummond and doesn't go in for any of that philosophical double-talk. I pointed out that belief didn't do much more for the diploma than "effectively", and he just sort of grumbled.
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