Transplanted Life
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
I really don't feel like going back to work today. The past week hasn't been a vacation - far from it - but that's why. I feel like trying to help Carter is much more important than answering phones, but Jen tells me that Maureen was in over her head last week, trying to not only cover for my absense but deal with all the chaos that "Carter" being dead and Dmitri being in jail is causing.

But, man, it doesn't seem right to leave Carter with Samantha's mother, either. He is really new to this being someone else thing, and she know Samantha. I spent yesterday basically getting between them, trying to steer the conversation away from things Carter wouldn't know. Her father going back to Hartford last night is probably going to make things harder, since now Janet Haskins will be able to give what she thinks is her daughter her full attention.

But, if I don't go back to work, Carter and I won't have a place to come back to when he is released later this week. Well, we will, but the future might not be so bright.

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