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Monday, April 05, 2004
So, Petey lost one
Still looked pretty good apart from the second inning. He's had one or two bad games in April each of the last couple of years, and then settles down to remind you that he's Pedro Martinez. So I'm not worried.

Yeah, I know, that probably should be less important to me than the whole Martin-and-Natalya thing. I'm still having trouble processing that, to be honest. It's hard to think of Martin Hartle in the third person. I've more or less been avoiding that by not thinking of him for the last few months; I robotically type the name into a search engine every day or two, but it's sort of like googling myself. I'm always sort of surprised when some new "Martin and Natalya" thing comes up, like I should know about it, or even remember it.

I wonder if I'd like Natalya. I rather want to not like her, I want whatever villain is calling himself Martin Hartle to be tied to a shrew and a harpy, and for her to make his life miserable. I would like Kurt and Wei to go to their wedding and see that she is so not the sort of girl I would go for that they immediately realize something is up. But, I also don't like the idea of my mother being disappointed; she's always reminded me that she's somewhat older than many of my friends' mothers, and would like to see me married before she goes (she's not usually that morbid, of course, but she did seem impatient on that count).

The healthy thing to do would probably be to just put it out of my mind. Just worry about the life I'm leading and not borrow trouble; that would be the path of least resistance.

Speaking of that, I'm sort of nervous about not seeing Sam/Michelle around or having any way to contact her. If I'm going to worry about the life of Martin Hartle's body, I should take an interest in Michelle Garber's mind, too, especially as she's not as comfortable as me, in terms of creature comforts, at least. That's the problem with living in a big city, though - you don't know where to look, especially if she's off the grid, or even (and I shudder to think about this) on the streets. I mean, that's probably where Sam was before Michelle's mind popped into her body, right? If she's no longer with Dmitri, then that's probably where she returned to.

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