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Thursday, April 22, 2004
A handful
It's expected. When I got to the hospital after work today, Carter and Mrs. Haskins were screaming at each other. It was, as most arguments are, kind of stupid. Carter's due to be discharged tomorrow, and the police haven't returned the duffle bag full of Sam's clothes that was found in the self-storage unit, so Mrs. H did some shopping today. Of course, this shopping involved dresses, underwear with lace on it, cosmetics.. girl stuff. This, of course, incensed Carter, and he was telling Janet that she had no right to make those kinds of decisions for him. She pointed out that the way Sam had been dressing brought her nothing but trouble, Carter said he knew that a whole hell of a lot better than she did and could make his own choices, etc. When I got there, the word "ungrateful" was being thrown around.

Thankfully, Maggie was with me, so we broke them up. I told Carter we'd get the receipts, return them, get him something more androgynous that he felt comfortable in. Mags, meanwhile, was able to broach the subject of paying the hospital, since "Sam" obviously didn't have any insurance and "Michelle" really couldn't afford it. Fortunately, the Haskinses had kept up their policy on Sam even after she'd left for just such a situation. I have to admit I was relieved when Maggie mentioned this.

Carter's looking better, though. That he was able to fight with Sam's mother standing up was a good scene, and there was no puking after dinner. The docs say he'll still needs rest when he comes "home" tomorrow, but otherwise he's doing pretty good.

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