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Monday, April 12, 2004
Didn't have to tell my boss everything
He is going to have one of his own contacts do the analysis on the stuff, though. That's fine; if he finds something other than what Maggie found, that's certainly of interest to me. I mean, everything about this whole deal since July makes me think that it wasn't about me, but about getting the current Martin Hartle into a new life - if I were important, would I be allowed just to live my life in relative freedom for the past nine months? But if Maggie was involved, and thought that turning her jerk of an ex into a woman would be some sort of fringe benefit, then everything in the last two weeks could just be some sort of scam. Sure, it could also be delayed remorse, or exactly what it appears to be. I completely expect Mr. Kraft's old college friend to find the same thing Mags did, though.

I think Mr. K hopes he finds it soon. The entire environment has gotten tense, as everybody knows that Carter and I broke up, and that I was very angry. He's just gotten mean over the past few days, and while most of the folks in the think he's out of line, there are one or two who think I'm the bitch. But, as Kate points out, you can't discipline someone just because they broke up with one of the programmers or the receptionist. As much as Mr. K may be disgusted with Carter's conduct the past couple of days, it doesn't quite cross the line into harassment yet. If that cologne is the psychoactive substance I say it is, though, not only does he get to fire Carter, but there's a very real possibility that the company would support me in a civil suit. And if it turns out that the stuff is connected to one of BioSoft's clients, he'll be in real trouble.

There's more, but I've got to go, since the phone's ringing.

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