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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
This place is a mess
Part of that likely stems from me not throwing any junk mail addressed to Michelle Garber away; I tell myself that it could provide valuable information, but let's be honest, what is an offer to subscribe to Cosmopolitan going to tell me? And I never actually take the time to actually look at this hardcopy spam, so it just piles up until I'm wondering if, given enough paper, an apartment can spontaneously ignite.

It's mostly me, though. Initially thinking that this whole "new body" thing would be temporary made me get sloppy, since this wasn't my place, and it's just persisted. I mean, I don't even want to think about how the bedclothes would never get cleaned if I wasn't getting laid on a regular basis. That's a gross thought, but apparently my somewhat slobby tendencies came with my memories, skills, and self-image. Or Michelle was just as predisposed to them as I remember being. Guess it's not a guy thing after all.

While we're in gross territory, as well as the place being a mess... Some of the crap I found in the couch is just shiver-inducing. I think I remember how that pair of panties got under the cushions, but that would have been a month ago. Probably better to just burn the suckers. And the really weird thing was the little bottle of Carter's cologne. Like I mentioned, "I" used to have a bottle of that brand, and, I don't know what they've done to it, but... Not only is it clear, but I couldn't smell anything when I took a sniff. I took a really deep breath of it, though, and it just about knocked me on my ass. I can't say what it smelled like, but it was powerful; the front of my brain got fuzzy like when I get too close to an overly powerful air freshener and breathe deep. And I think it may be some sort of aphrodisiac or something; my nipples got stiff before I retired to the bathtub.

Yeah, I've got no shame. Still - weird.

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