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Sunday, March 14, 2004
Things you don't notice
My hands don't make a lot of noise when I clap them. This can't be new, but I guess I haven't really been paying attention for the past few months. Carter and I went to a hockey game yesterday, and when I tried to clap for the players coming onto the ice, it just got lost in the din. I remember whenever I would go to baseball games or concerts as Martin, I could always pick my own clapping out. I don't guess it's a big deal or anything; just something I noticed.

I'm kind of staying in today, since my cold is just not responding to orange juice, TheraFlu, and anything else I throw at it. It's more than a bit annoying, since I'm not sneezing or anything, but I'm just really stuffed up. I might wind up having to take a sick day tomorrow, since my job is to answer phones and I must sound pretty goofy.

Hanging around Harvard Square didn't help the cold much; Kate and I had made plans to do some shopping after the Eye-Opener at the Brattle, but Carter let me sleep in. Which just ticked me off so badly; I'd told him that Kate and I had plans today, and to wake me up so that I could get to Cambridge in time for the 11am movie. But did he? Nope, he just let me wake up on my own at 11:30. I was angry, really, because I don't think I've ever said I'd do something with Kate and then not been able to follow through, and she's never cancelled on me, and I told Carter that this was why I generally didn't sleep over at his place on Saturday night. He actually grins, this cocky little half-smiling thing, saying he didn't realize that there was anything that was more important than "our making sweet love". That half-set me off, but something not self-destructive inside me held me back. I told him that following through on your word was important to me, so I got dressed and didn't even shower before heading out. Which was silly, really, since I know the movie itself wouldn't be over until one, let alone the discussion, and that meant I had plenty of time to kill before meeting Kate outside the theater and apologizing, but, hey, I guess women are allowed to be emotional. I don't mean throwing tantrums or anything, but I think we can get away with only counting to five rather than to ten when we're upset.

Kate was okay with it, though it just means I'll be paying $7.50 to see On The Run when it comes to the Brattle next month. I asked her how the whole thing with Dennis went, and this led to a whole bunch of details the likes of which I would never have told Kurt or any of my other friends "before". Just the holding a couple fingers none-of-your-business inches apart is too much information as far as I'm concerned. She asked how much of a hit my new undies were, and I have to admit that Carter really did seem to enjoy the show Friday night, after we got back from the club. I told her that it could get expensive, though, because he seemed a little disappointed when I was back to my regular stuff Saturday. But, hey, we were going shopping then, anyway, right?

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