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Thursday, March 04, 2004
Oh yeah, oh yecccch
It is mere minutes until the first Red Sox spring training game, which will be broadcast locally on UPN38, displacing whatever crap UPN would otherwise be showing. Yeah, it's only spring training, and several players won't be playing, and the pitchers will likely be yanked after their first out... but it's professional baseball, being called by Sean McDonough and Jerry Remy, and it makes the world seem better.

And, hey, it's good to feel good after last night. I spent it at Carter's, and, well, I probably shouldn't write this on a public forum like this, but what the hell. I'm clearly beyond being embarassed or giving a damn what people write in the comments section.

Anyway, we'd gone out dancing, which was fun. First time I've done it as a blonde, but the blondes apparently don't have that much more fun. Maybe in a couple months when I can pull the outfits with the cleavage out of the closet. Of course, it might have been different if Carter didn't have a hand on me at just about all times. I'm not complaining about that, since it's cool to be with someone, and quite frankly, the physical contact was a pretty good turn-on. Between that, two or three drinks, and... um, well, it's not quite a full moon yet, but I was pretty much all over him. We took a taxi back to his apartment, doing the whole sucking-face-on-the-elevator thing, him carrying me into the apartment because I had my legs wrapped around him.

I must have had more alcohol than I thought, because when we got to the bedroom, I didn't immediately leave the room when he suggested oral. As you might imagine, I'm more averse to that than most girls to the idea. But, hey, I was drinking and that can't be the whole thing, but there are times when he can talk me into things, so after about fifteen minutes of foreplay I gave in.

Well, almost. I think my mouth was about six inches away when I barfed. That, I'm sure wasn't all beer-related. Still, I think that might be the most embarrassing sex-related event in either of our lives. Certainly put the kibosh on the evening, even after we showered off together.

Still, it was only a little weird at work. We're still on for movies the rest of the weekend, and we're already laughing about it.

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