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Sunday, March 28, 2004
Maybe I'm just imagining things
I've been all panicky about Carter, but what if there's nothing to it? I spent all of Saturday trying to research whether it's possible that this little bottle contains anything but plain water. It's just immensely frustrating, because, let me tell you, there is a whole metric shitload of stuff on the internet relating to how to get women in bed. Hell, I receive a bunch of it as spam (the ship has sailed on adding length to my penis, for that matter). It was actually a relief to have Jen call at about ten last night, asking if I were planning to hit the Midnight Ass-Kicking at the Coolidge. Sure, I said, why not. Might even be a pleasant walk.

I was kind of surprised to find Carter there. Once he got me into bed, his interest in this sort of thing had dropped, but he said he figured it was his only chance to see me this weekend, and, hey, he'd seen the Snake Deadly Act trailer something like a dozen times coming to these shows with me, so he might as well check it out.

I was kind of tense, and spent the whole time I wasn't watching the movie kind of watching myself - am I acting too suspicious, am I getting horny for no apparent reason, what? Thankfully, I was able to pull Jen aside and get her to not mention anything about the bottle of cologne. If Carter suspected it was missing, he never let on. He was nothing but a perfect gentleman, really. I felt kind of stupid for panicking - here he was going out of his way to surprise me at something I liked, even if kung fu movies aren't really his thing. He even gave me his coat and walked me back to my apartment afterward, since the temperature had dropped a bit in the two hours since I'd arrived at the theater.

I suppose it could be seen as silly to invite him upstairs, but he hadn't been acting strange at all yet, it was past two and thus very difficult to get around Boston unless you had your car with you, and I was feeling kind of frisky in a way that didn't seem connected to external chemical stimulation. And besides, I thought, even though he's got the big bottle of the cologne at home, it's been a week, and he might notice that he's missing the little bottle. So I figured I'd give him a chance to search for it, if he were inclined to do so. It was tricky to find it a good hiding place while I was in the bathroom, but I managed - I figured he wouldn't look inside a still-sealed box of tampons, given how phobic he is about girly things. Just had to be careful peeling the tape so that it could be re-sealed without looking suspicous.

We wound up spending the day together, seeing a movie and stuff. It was funny; we got guest passes for another movie because a movie on another screen was delayed, and even though ours started right on time, they were giving passes out like candy. It'll be fun to use them for a $10.25 show at Boston Common some Friday night.

So, I don't know what the deal is. That bottle is weird, but I'm the only one who seems to notice anything weird. Maybe it's all in my head; maybe I'm feeling guilty for basically liking my life as it is now and seeing conspiracies where there aren't any.

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