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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Guy things
Stayed over at Carter's last night; by the time I was done hooking up his new DVD player and surround system and watching a movie, it was getting late. It had stopped snowing hard, but, hey, I have a cold. Why be out in it any more than necessary?

It's funny what people feel threatened by. I mean, Carter has known me for months, but still got all whiny and defensive when I helped him with the hookups. Heck, when I was telling him that the optical connection made a world of difference in the store, he freaked, like it's not something a girl should understand. I mean, come on! I'll admit that I don't know a lot of girls who would exactly be experts on the subject, but, geez, how long have we been going out? Hasn't he learned anything about me by now?

What drove me completely batty was how, while we're watching Terminator 3, he won't let me adjust the TV for, like, half an hour. "No, it's supposed to be that way, the DVD says the black bars are normal." I know that, goober, but they should be bigger, since this is a scope movie. You've got your DVD Player set to 16:9 mode with a 4:3 TV, just like absolutely everyone does when they first buy a DVD player. I did, you did, Kurt did, Kate did, everybody did. I finally wait until he goes to the kitchen to get some soda and do it anyway. I have, I guess, learned enough about being a girl to not rub his face in it when he comes back ("See? Doesn't everyone look less short and fat?"). No-one goes to bed happy if that happens.

Had a hard time sleeping, though. I'm still kind of stuffed up; I wound up waking up at three in the morning having to just spit, there was so much mucous in my throat (which is, thankfully, the final stage of a cold, at least in this body). I couldn't find much of anything in Carter's medicine cabinet, though, just a bottle of DayQuil. I did get kind of nosy looking through his stuff, though. It kind of amused me to see that he's got a bottle of the same cologne that I had as Martin, though from the level of liquid in there, he seems to get more use out of it. Which is odd, since I can't remember ever smelling it on him. Maybe this body just doesn't respond to scent that well. I mean, I can't smell anything right now; I'm so stuffed up that things actually taste different.

Then again, it may not be the same kind. The bottle I had contained an amber-colored liquid, while the stuff in Carter's cabinet is clear. Of course, maybe there's some new, more stringent regulation against artificial coloring or something.

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