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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Does anybody else get an annoying second wind after brushing their teeth?
I don't think this used to happen. At least, I don't remember it happening eight months ago. But it drives me nuts; a couple hours ago, I checked the clock, noticed I'd been using this machine for way too long, and since I was half-asleep anyway, decided to brush my teeth and head for bed. Of course, the actual activity of getting up, walking to the bathroom, and brushing got my blood flowing again, and the minty freshness is just so blasted invigorating, that I no longer was ready to crash. So a little more surfing, a little reading email, and before you know it, it's half past two.

I've got half a mind to write a strongly worded letter to the Crest people. I know, they probably have market research that says people like to get a boost from their toothpaste, but I figure that's crap. I know I should brush my teeth twice a day, but in the morning it's just too close to orange juice, and toothpaste + OJ = nasty.

So, might as well add some more detail to this rough draft of my eventual memoirs. Jen & Carlos throw a pretty good Oscar party. It seems all the parties are at their apartment, but they do have the biggest with no other roommates to get upset. I'm jealous; I may be used to this studio by now, and it's all I can really afford on my own, but I remember what it was like to have a decent-sized apartment with closets that weren't absolutely filled with clothes and could be used for storing other stuff. Kate was kind of demoralized that Return Of The King ran so rampant, since it's the one she hadn't bothered with. I wasn't quite so upset, although there were two awards it had no business being nominated for, much less winning (Best Original Song and Best Editing). Even though I liked the movie, I still don't really like it when one movie so dominates the procedings. There was more good stuff than that, right? And the Oscars are an industry award, meant to promote the film business, and City Of God or Girl With A Pearl Earring could probably have used the push more.

Still, it did lead to an entertaining night watching Kate and Dennis. She groaned every time ROTK won, unable to believe she was losing in the Oscar prediction contest to him. Or that when the scores were tallied up at the end, she, the biggest film fan of the group, came in dead last. That blind spot was a killer. And when Liv Tyler was presenting and kept doing the thing where she was taking the glasses off and putting them on, he told Kate she had to learn to master that.

I think it's got a chance to work out between her and Dennis, though who knows - they've only been going out, what, a couple weeks? They get along, though, and each seem to really enjoy learning about each others' interests. Heck, Kate's reading A Fire Upon The Deep and Dennis keeps writing down movies he had to rent that she mentioned. That's pretty cool. Carter, for his part, is bracing himself for the onslaught of baseball stuff (first televised spring training game on Thursday! Woo!), while I'm trying to get enthused about hockey. Might take an actual trip to the FleetCenter, though.

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