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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Girl's movie night tonight. Somehow Maureen wound up coming along. She was acting all lonely and poor me-ish as we got ready to head out, so Jen invited her along. I guess she had a bad breakup, but didn't want to talk about it. We've all been there, so we kind of felt sorry for her. She was markedly less snotty than usual.

The movie itself was pretty good - Spartan, written and directed by David Mamet. It's kind of a weird thing to watch a movie that was shot in your neighborhood; a good chunk of this movie was not only set in Cambridge and Boston, but actually looked it. It's weird to recognize someplace on screen as somewhere you actually spend time; I think they even used Soldier Field (Harvard's football stadium), which is just down the road from this apartment. I'm not sure which is stranger, wondering how you could have missed a film crew in the neighborhood or the idea of seeing these fictional characters running around like they were real. It can make you feel like you're the one that's made-up, especially when your own life is significantly more outrageous than a story about the President's daughter being kidnapped and sold into slavery.

(Almost used the term "white slavery", which is just stupid and needs to be eliminated from the English lexicon. What, is it somehow worse for white girls to be held in bondage than black people? More than kind of a racist double-standard. But I digress...)

Speaking of weird and unbelievable things in my life, I brought that bottle of cologne with me, and was mentioning how it actually got me aroused the other night. Kate said it was probably some Pavlovian thing, that I associated it with Carter so it was triggering the same reactions as him. I pulled it out of my purse and asked them to test it. None of them could detect any sort of scent coming from it. I took a whiff and practically wet myself. None of them believed me, of course, and I figured it wouldn't be polite to stick their hands in my panties to prove it. Maureen was looking at me weird, so I laughed and said it was just an experiment, to see if the placebo effect would work - could plain water have an effect on them just because I said it had an effect on me? She didn't think it was funny, though the other girls seemed to.

This is really freaking disturbing to me, though. I mean, my mind has been screwed with enough just being put in a new body (or having new memories and personality traits stuck into it, if that's your perspective)... And a love potion? It just seems absurd, even positing a world where you can transfer minds between bodies. And, I keep telling myself that I can't believe Carter would do something like that... I mean, he doesn't need to. But is that "me" talking (whatever that means) or the contents of the bottle?

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