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Monday, February 16, 2004
Yep, messed up my sleep schedule
I figured, hey, I was able to stay up later when I was younger, but apparently that's a talent this body doesn't quite share. When doing a 24-hour marathon like this, if the plan is to stay awake all the way through, I've always found it's just best to stay awake until an hour or so before I would normally hit the hay, then crash and wake up well-rested.

That's not what happened this time, though. I crashed hard when I got home, and as a result I'm up now and not tired, but still have to be at my desk by 8:30 tomorrow morning. Means I'll probably be messed up all week.

The sci-fi movie marathon was mostly fun. The first half was easy to get through, but then at around midnight we hit Demonlover. I saw it back last fall and it's just awful, but it does have a fair amount of sex in it, so we decided we were "inspired" and adjourned to... Well, Carter's car. I don't know what Carter feels he needs one in downtown Boston, but it was handy to have for the last couple days.

He was actually pretty cool about the whole thing. I guess he recognized that he was being kind of a jerk lately, and if the price of a hot girlfriend who likes sports and other typically guy-ish stuff is a few bad movies, he'll go see a few bad movies.

Still, he pretty much slept through the second half of the marathon, until the final battle in Godzilla vs. Megaguirus woke him up. I sort of catnapped until then, since we'd planned to wake each other up should we doze off. He was doing some serious post-coital dozing, though, and if he could do it sitting up, more power to him.

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