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Sunday, February 22, 2004
Went and did it
Carter had the peach-fuzz thing going on on his head last night, so I decided to give the blonde thing a try. I figure, hey, it's only hair, right? If Carter gets a kick out of it, then that's fun, and I've got to confess, I'm curious. Ladies always seemed to be doing stuff to change their look a lot more than I ever remember doing, and even if I don't quite feel the urge to do that, I've always wondered what they got out of it. I figured maybe it's something I can figure out by trying it myself.

I mentioned it to Kate after this morning's movie (a weird Taiwanese thing, the sort of arty thing where I feel like yelling at the screen to implore the characters to so something, anything, just do something), and she went into this weird reaction of being just super-ultra excited about playing with dangerous chemicals; apparently it's some sort of girly bonding ritual. Although I suppose it's not stupid than guys bonding by drinking themselves stupid.

Anyway, I was glad to have her help, although I'm glad she didn't ask why I seemed so ignorant what with my hair having been dyed when she first met "Michelle". This stuff is ridiculous - for people with darker hair like us, there's bleaching to start out with, then getting that dry, then this foul-smelling stuff you have to mix and brush on without somehow getting it onto your scalp, which is tricky with the scalp being right next to one's hair and all. I'm just glad I don't have the really dark eyebrows like Kate, so I didn't have to try and figure out how to keep the stuff out of my eyes. Kate just did highlights, so she got off kind of easy.

Then there was the waiting all afternoon and evening with plastic bags on our heads for the stuff to dry! I'm glad Kate and I stopped at Blockbuster along with CVS, so we could load up on movies to watch. We both found it pretty hilarious that she enjoyed the Hulk movie more than most comic book fans did; she got into the way Ang Lee cut the movie and liked the story, especially being only vaguely familiar with the original mythology. We also dug out her Scrabble board and this pretty cool German game she had. Apparently she had a German boyfriend three or four years ago who was a big "spielfriek", and when it ended she had nobody to play the board games she'd amassed with; it's not a fun hobby to have by yourself, I guess.

Anyway, I'm not sure about the end results yet. Apparently it'll change over the next couple of days, but I kind of liked the way the brown hair looked against my somewhat fair skin. Right now it's a pretty solid Sally Brown-ish yellow, which will probably fade a bit. It's not the same shade it was when I first woke up in this body, though, which is good; I don't want to look exactly like the way this body looked when someone else switched it with my old one.

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