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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Up early and no getting back to sleep
So, I might as well fill in what I can about the last couple of days.

There was much squealing at the office when Jen showed off her ring. I felt like I should be doing so, just to fit in, but I was so taken aback by the sight of Kate having so strong a reaction to a shiny object that I forgot. It's a nice ring, for an engagement ring, but I feel sorry for Carlos; it must not be easy to afford a nice diamond ring on a cop's salary (the diamond isn't large, but it's got a pretty setting). But, hey, at least I didn't start talking about how the diamond engagement ring is a scam perpetrated by the people behind a ruthless cartel who stockpile inventory to artificially drive up prices, or describe the hellish conditions the miners endure, or that the entire idea of a diamond engagement ring is only about 100 years old; the entire "tradition" being an astoundingly well-done PR push. Indeed, I once read that in Victorian times, diamonds were considered tacky, little better than rhinestones.

I'll grant you, my propensity for sharing this information may contribute to me not having a relationship last long enough to confront my disdain for the whole diamond engagement ring scam myself.

I've been looking for Sam/Michelle at the Common pretty much daily, but haven't seen her. I sort of mentioned it in passing to Dmitri, but he said she's gotten another job, thankfully one that's inside. Which is good for her, I guess, but it will make it harder for me to try and talk to her without arousing suspicion.

Sent off another email to "Martin" about my stuff, too. He seems to have just ignored my first one, which is kind of annoying - it's not like he needs to even pretend that communication between us will have negative consequences, so why not try to be civil? I'm not quite clever enough to come up with a cunning plan to bring him and everything he did to do the body-switching thing down using a bunch of old toys and books.

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