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Sunday, February 01, 2004
Super Sunday
Just time for a few words before heading out to Jen & Carlos's Super Bowl... uh, "Big Game" party. (Apparently, the NFL and their lawyers have been cracking down on anyone who uses the term "Super Bowl" without permission. Just more reason to hate the league even if you like the game) Left to myself, I'd take advantage of all those empty movie theaters, but Carter wants to go and so I figure I probably should - we've been sniping at each other for the past week and backing out would just make things worse. Of course, factor in that this body seems to start PMSing right at the beginning of the month and it could be a recipe for disaster.

Could be worse; Kate accepted the invitation back a couple weeks ago, because George is big into football, but since he appears to be out of the picture... We talked about it this afternoon, after the morning show at the Brattle. I assured her that Jen and Carlos wouldn't take it as a slight, since they know that sports really aren't Kate's thing (though, by the end of this summer, she will like baseball; I can't have a best friend who doesn't like baseball). She's not sure, though.

So I gave her a "someone needs to do some shopping", but instead of heading into a shoe store, hit the Tokyo Kid store in The Garage. It's just filled with toys and manga and movies from Japan and Korea; I joked to her that it's how you ease someone into being a comic book person. After all, a good chunk of this stuff is fairly girly and not necessarily associated with comics and the like to people who see it displayed on your shelves. Of course, then I heard someone mention that New England Comics was having a half-off sale that ended today, and dragged her along. I wound up scoring 4 of the 5 "You're An All-Star, Charlie Brown" figures (which are just about the cutest things ever). I even managed to drag her along to the NEC in Allston so that I could find Sally.

Anyway, they're set up on my kitchen table now. Not sure where I'm going to eat.

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