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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Now, a real girl...
It's days like today that I wish I had the same upbringing and been hit with all the girly developmental stuff. It's not like I want another personality, but the fact of the matter is, Carter and I haven't actually been fighting, but we're closer to that than to making goo-goo eyes at each other all the time, and I would like it if the flowers he got me this morning had any effect on me whatsoever. Okay, they had some effect, but not the same sort of visceral, oh, that's just so sweet effect I've observed from the other side of the equation.

I mean, I shudder to think what will happen if he or anyone else ever buys me jewelry. Sure, everyone has probably noticed that I don't wear it buy now, but at some point he's going to think, hey, it's an anniversery of some kind, I'll get her earrings.

But, on the other hand, I'm probably easier to apologize to. In my experience, most guys will accept "I'm an idiot" as a perfectly reasonable explanation most of the time, until after it's used too often and we start to think, yeah, he is an idiot, and there's no good reason for me to put up with his shit. But that's the mindset I'm still in, so while the flowers don't mean much, Carter saying he's an idiot and should realize how lucky he is to have me is good enough.

So, we went out tonight, had a good time, all that. I was going to spend the night at his place, but he backed out when he heard the word "period". Just a couple of spots on my panties tonight, but I tell him I have to pick up tampons first and he suddenly looks practically traumatized, like he's the one with the internal bleeding. I tell him it's good news for him, start to whistle "She's On Time", but he doesn't get it. Not that I should expect him to; it's a bonus track on a Barenaked Ladies album that wasn't ever actually listed in the liner notes (but is, in fact, one of their funnier songs).

Ah, well. It let me get home and watch Angel, so now I can go argue on messageboards.

(By the way, have I mentioned that I miss my ReplayTV? Having to wait for Law & Order to finish recording so I could watch Angel is so twentieth-century. Maybe I should get the word out that whenever someone is thinking of getting me jewelry, home electronics would be much more appreciated)

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