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Saturday, February 14, 2004
My legs are killing me
It was nicer than usual today, so I opted to do all my weekend running-around without the aid of the T. Of course, since I'll be at the Marathon tomorrow, that meant compressing a couple days worth of errands into one afternoon, even more so because I've got a dinner date with Carter tonight, it being Valentine's Day and all.

Besides, I was feeling a little guilty about how little I've been exercising and stuff. This body has a pretty good metabolism, but I've put on a few pounds in the last couple months. The male judge of aesthetics inside me thinks it's still a pretty hot body, and one can argue that not only are the curves pretty damn sexy, but there's nothing wrong with carrying a little extra weight in the winter. It's insulation, right? But, hey, the last time Carter and I made love, he was pinching me and kind of teasing me about it. Of course, I pointed out that our dates had become a little more food-centric in the past month, and if he wasn't so insistent on feeding me so much. His response was that I should spend more time at the gym like he does. Given the choice of spending money on a gym membership or a couple DVDs every month, though, I'm putting Intolerable Cruelty on my shelf.

Anyway, things got done today - grocery shopping (a lot of snacks for the next couple days), getting movies while the release week sale prices were still good, doing some window shopping, stopping at the hardware store to get a new phone (the one I've got has a weird fluctuating volume problem). I also lucked out finding a spiffy red dress and matching shoes at the Garment District; affordable and hot.

Of course, it's a little short for February - what dumbass decided that the day in the middle of winter would be the best one for romance? Of course, when this decision was made, women probably were wearing those gigantic hoop dresses and twenty layers of underwear, so the outfits might have been warmer. Still, I'd suggest that this holiday be moved to August. There's no holidays in August, and with Valentine's Day often being so close to President's Day, I think it would work out well for everybody. Heck, the greeting-card people for whom this holiday is most important probably look at that long stretch between Father's Day and Halloween and think, yeah, this needs filling.

This would also enable me to not break what I think is an eminently sensible rule about not exposing my legs to the elements while the Charles River is covered with ice. Not that this rule got tested much before this winter. Really, I'm surprised at the number of people I saw jogging today in either shorts or just tights. This body may not seem to be as affected by the cold as much as the old one, but it doesn't mean I like it, either.

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