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Friday, February 13, 2004
Midnight munchies
Or, more accurately, 2am munchies. I've got to remember to start buying pop-tarts or oreos or something, just to have something to snack on. Not like I remember doing before being in this body, but just for when I'm actually hungry at odd hours and don't want a full meal of any sort. Like right now.

I spent the last couple of evenings with Carter; it's funny how little food someone who cooks so well has in his kitchen. It's like he can make a fine meal whenever he wants, but if you just want to nibble on something, the best you can do is fry yourself an egg, or maybe slice off a hunk of cheese. Actually, I'm surprised how much I like cheese now. Maybe it's fitting into the same niche peanut butter used to fit in. I mean, I always liked cheese, but yellow american or Velveeta would be good enough; nowadays I find myself spending a little extra to get some good Monterey Jack. And he teases me with promises of really good snacks he can make but never gets around to.

The last couple of days were kind of iffy. We went out, and we did stuff, and if was fun, but not exciting fun, but at the same time, I felt kind of drawn to continuing. I don't know if it's a sign of some kind of deeper attraction or getting in a rut or what. Maybe I still need to figure out how this brain works, like the Martin "software" isn't quite adjusted to the Michelle "hardware" yet. Though, geez, it's been almost seven months; babies seem to figure everything out quicker than this.

Carter's got some weird quirks. Like how he wants me to leave stuff at his place so that I can stay over like I did last night, but doesn't like seeing it; it's all got to be put away. So I've got a drawer over there, which is I guess a sort of landmark in a relationship, but since it feels like it's more about him than us, it doesn't feel like it.

Gads, I should go to sleep, what with what I'm typing not making any sense, but the sugar in mug full of Honey Nut Cheerios I used for a midnight snack is evidently just strong enough to keep me awake, even if I am just super-tired. I guess that's what it's like with Carter right now, sort of feeling two opposing things at the same time.

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