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Saturday, February 28, 2004
Group Dates
Not sure what I think of Kate's new boyfriend. Dennis seems pretty nice, but so did George at first. He did survive some intensive movie-fan quizzing at mine and Kate's hands, so at least his interests line up with hers. Of course, they line up with mine, but I only had eyes for Carter tonight. I was feeling a bit of a sexual charge all night, so I noticed how attractive the guy was, but whenever I was close to Carter, it seemed to jump to eleven.

Still, I wasn't a very good date tonight. The lack of sleep I got last night was pretty much in evidence, and I must have dozed off a couple of times. I couldn't help but notice that one time I was jolted awake because Carter's position shifted as Jennifer Connelly got naked on-screen (though it was tasteful, you see her butt and figure but no nipples). Between seeing House Of Sand And Fog tonight and Hulk last week, I think her breasts are shrinking - I remember her having such a great, voluptuous figure in stuff like The Rocketeer and Dark City. Or maybe I've just got different basis for comparison or something. I do notice that even pictures of beautiful women aren't turning me on as much; I wonder if my brain is finally reprogramming itself to match what stimulates it visually with what stimulates the body tactily and in real-world interactions and such.

It's kind of weird going out in a group, though. Especially after digging up that information on the "real" or original Michelle. One-on-one, it's just me and him, and it's okay even if I do feel a little weird, you can just be progressive, because it's two people doing their thing. In a group, though, you've got the whole boy-girl-boy-girl thing going, and I feel a bit weird about not quite fitting that, like it's some kind of transgression. And maybe it is, since Carter doesn't know who and what he's dating, really.

Anyway, I was snoozing a bit in the theater, so when the movie ended I wound up just going home instead of spending the night at Carter's. And, naturally, I got my second wind on the train, so now I'm trying to see what more I can find out about Michelle's past. It's really frustrating, because if you go by this apartment, it seems like she just popped into the world last July; her resumé even seems to have disappeared from this computer and the network at BioSoft.

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