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Friday, February 13, 2004
Freaking flowers everwhere
I mean, Kate just met a guy on a blind date Monday and she got flowers today. Hell, she got two vases worth because George is apparently unable to take a hint.

Mine were modest; good enough to get noticed, but not overdone to the point where Carter got ragged on. Jen's were nice, too, for flowers. In fact, I think the only girl in the office who didn't get any was Maureen. Well, I don't know for a fact that she didn't get any; she might just have a boyfriend who doesn't send flowers, right? But, she had the brittle smile thing going whenever someone from the florist stopped by today.

I must say, it's amazing how relaxing Valentine's Day can be for women. I know, technically, it's not until tomorrow, but when it falls on a weekend, a guy's got to do something to make sure she feels loved at work. The girl, on the other hand, apparently doesn't have to do anything except wear red or pink or something with a heart on it; then, once the guy does something, it's just sit back and enjoy. No stress about whether you've done enough, whether she'll be disappointed, or feeling stupid or resentful. Granted, I imagine it can be hell if you're not in a relationship, but that's sort of a given for both sexes. On average, it seems more relaxing for women.

Of course, it got a little stressful when Jen asked me if I had plans for the weekend and I mentioned the sci-fi movie marathon; Carter had a sort of "we're going to do the whole thing" reaction. I said something like "so, when you said you liked everything about me, including the nerdy bits, you were mostly talking about my boobs, huh?" A little more polite, but bitchy enough to raise an eyebrow or two. Kate caught me later and wanted to know what was up with that; I told her that, apparently, we're at the point where he's gotten me in the sack and now we're trying to figure out how much we really like each other, and that so far it's a lot more than nothing but not quite Romeo & Juliet. Happens in every relationship once you're past immediate goals, really, except those huge one true love things that mostly happen in the movies.

Still, I can't deny there's something undefinable about Carter that keeps me interested even if we don't seem quite as compatible as we did at first.

* * *

Pretty quiet day at work today, so I hit and did some of these goofy things. Not all of them have little icons, but I have to wonder - how can you be 59% slut and only 29% pick-up-able? Doesn't make sense.

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