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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Actually turned down a movie tonight
Because, quite frankly, I didn't want to see The Passion of the Christ opening night. I'll probably see it eventually, because I love movies and this looks to be sort of a landmark film. Still, you know how most of the population feels about the guys who wait in line for the new Star Wars movies for hours while wearing costumes? That's about how I feel about the extremely religious people who will be going to Passion opening night. Not that I think they're dorks, or anything derogatory, but I've never been religious and am not terribly comfortable around people who are. And for the first few days, at least, it's going to be the religious types going.

Besides, I'm not sure how I feel, personally, about going to something that's overtly religious. If I start to really think about whether or not people have an immortal soul, I start to wonder whose I have. Was Martin Hartle's transfered to this body, or was just his memories and personality traits, leaving me with Michelle Garber's soul even though I don't remember being her? What if she did something really awful before my memories were put into this body? In a theological sense, do I inherit her sins while being absolved for Martin's? Or have our souls somehow merged, or did both of them "die" and go to wherever souls go afterward, either leaving us with new ones or as some sort of soulless hollows who only think we're human?

So... Anyway, don't want much to do with religion right now. I think I'll head out and pick up some comics instead.

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