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Thursday, February 19, 2004
Actually got Kate into the comic shop tonight
Last night, that is. I've got to stop these weird hours.

Apparently, the new guy Kate's seeing is into comics. For real, I asked, or like Carter? Apparently he's for real; Kate's seen the long boxes. Kate doesn't like the idea of coming off as ignorant, of course, so I told her I'd be picking up my subscription at the comic shop tonight and she was welcome to tag along, since Carter didn't seem to be into it any more.

Kate, of course, headed immediately to the French stuff. Which is cool; I remember really liking "The Incal" until its US reprints stopped publication sometime last year, and a lot of the French albums are really spiffy. Of course, a lot of the ones at the Million Year Picnic are in the original French, which is apparently less of a problem for her than it would be for me. Apparently she spent a year abroad in college.

Meanwhile, I'm picking up multiple Bat-books, Super-books, and even a Star Wars tie-in, while she's sampling Humanoids, The Sandman, and Courney Crumrin. Stuff I'd recommend to anyone, but none of which was coming out this week. Made me feel like kind of a rube. I did get her to pick up a collection of The Adventures Of Barry Ween, though.

We grabbed some coffee afterwards, when she finally cornered me on that "like Carter" remark. I just said that he acted like he was into comics and the like when we were still sniffing each other out, but lately, not so much. She said that must suck, but I said, no, not really. He may not be a fan, but he likes that I am.

She sort of rolled her eyes. "Men make no sense."

"Nah, this makes perfect sense. He's a guy, and guys oftentimes just don't get women. So when we say we like something that's traditionally more of a guy thing, it makes them a little more comfortable. And while maybe they'd look down on guys who like comics, it's perfect for a girl - it gives us that tomboy thing without actually threatening their masculinity."

(Yeah, I used "us". It's seven months today, so why not?)

Kate guessed that made sense, and I gave it a little thought. I'd sort of been making it up as I went along, and I wondered if it shed any light on my old self's relationships. I'd dated a number of geek girls, but not many really athletic ones.

Then she asked me if I felt upset about Carter not being really into it, and I said I wasn't. I mean, we all misrepresent ourselves somewhat when starting a relationship, trying to hook the other's interest and hoping they'd come to like the real you, which usually isn't so different. And Carter and I are sort of settling into that. Would I like it if he were more into some of the things I am? Sure, but he indulges me, so I can't complain too much.

Still, I went home and fully indulged myself as a geek girl by sitting down for Enterprise (you'd think a new brain would get me to kick that like the bad habit it is), Angel (evil puppets are funny; very, very funny), and comic-reading.

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