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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
So I go to the movies
Because, it's what I do. And, besides, if this is it - Shelley is happy-ish with where she is (or at least says she won't interfere with me living her life), the guy in my body isn't giving it up, the people who can switch bodies around are very well-hidden - what's a more productive use of my time, seeing a good movie or hunching over a computer screen trying to find information no-one will believe and I can't act on. And if my memory can just spontaneously vanish like I thoerized happened to Shelley, well, I'll at least have left notes to myself here on which movies are worth seeing again.

(Aside: Paycheck may be more fun to see for a second time if my memory vanishes in the interim. Tonight's movie, 21 Grams, was pretty good but nothing you have to spend $7 to see again in such a situation)

Of course, the memory thing is just a thoery, one possible explanation for Shelley's missing time. There are others. Still, if that sort of thing is a possibility, then perhaps living for today becomes more important, because what's the point of making plans you can't remember? You just get more paranoid, and I don't need that.

Besides, it's been a while since I've hung out with Kate. She's got an ambitious list of movies to see before the Oscars so that she can bitch with authority, although she's in no hurry to see, as she calls it, "Midgets versus Jewelry III: The Final Chapter, Thank God". Which reminds me that I haven't seen it myself. Its opening weekend was a busy time for me, then I was sick...

Anyway, we more or less enjoyed the movie. We liked the performances, but found the end a little overly symbolic, one of those things that just seemed to happen because the writers feel it would say something, even though you have to seriously question whether it's something people would actually do.

We talked boyfriends, which is still a little weird to me. She seems to be getting firmly into the "what the hell are you waiting for?" camp, while I get the impression that she and George are having issues. Apparently, George has a kid from a previous relationship, and Kate was kind of appalled that she was just finding this out a couple weeks ago, and is kind of wondering what kind of guy isn't more involved in their kid's life. Says it speaks of not being able to commit or prioritize, and I don't know if I disagree. That he's got an eight-year-old kid is also sort of a reminder that there's a bit of an age difference, which is something I consider kind of weird. As a guy, I'm sort of used to dating women younger than me. Not by more than five years, but still, for some reason, I seldom approached the woman who might be a couple years older than me. I don't know why we're wired that way. I think it may be a societal thing, that by matching (slightly) older guys with younger women, there's a slight imbalance of experience and implied authority, which in a subtle way keeps men on top. Or men are just really shallow.

Gah, it's too late. I was going to write about the movie I saw and wound up here. The mind does wander.

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