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Monday, January 19, 2004
News Gets Around
But, then, that's part of the fun of working for a small company; everyone knows everyone else's business and has an opinion. And, admittedly, the prevailing opinion about me and Carter for the last month or so has been "will you two just get on with it?" So there was apparently some small amount of relief when Jen managed to make it known that she suspected we had "got it on with it". After all, she said, sex had to be on our mind after that softcore thing we'd seen at Midnight Kung Fu Madness Friday night (the movie was called Sex & Zen, a movie which switches between raunchy comedy and spousal abuse in a disturbingly carefree manner). Then, when we'd bumped into her at the next night's entry, we weren't exactly kissing at every opportunity, but we were holding hands and not tense around each other at all. It was pretty obvious something had changed.

Some of it was good, some bad. I think Lizzie said more to me about what a great guy Carter was today than she's said to me on any subject over the past six months. Of course, there was the creepy bit with Maureen wide-eyed asking if it was really true what they said about black men's, you know, manlinesses. Sometimes that girl's just weird.

Kate, of course, wanted to know why she had to hear about this as office gossip rather than as first-hand gossip yesterday. Apparently, "we were talking about movies and by the time we weren't, we were talking about how your boyfriend's a jerk and I didn't feel like coming back with 'that sucks, and by the way, Carter is great in the sack'" is not a sufficient excuse. Apparently, "great new boyfriend" trumps all other conversational possibilities except "hey, look at this new engagement ring". I have so much to learn.

(The internet can't really capture the dry semi-sarcasm of that last statement, so - dry, semi-sarcasm there)

Couldn't help but notice a few of the guys giving Carter slaps on the back and saying "good job", "you're the man", and the like. Fortunately, Carter looked suitably embarassed. The other girls thought it was weird that Dimitri wasn't joining in that, especially since he hadn't been hitting on me for months, since getting a girlfriend. I tried to explain to them that guys are, in fact, more complicated than that; that it could have just demonstrated to him that I was obtainable or drove the point that Carter was more attractive home. Guys do have feelings, you know. Kate told me I only thought that because I didn't have to listen to Erik asking Carter if my tits were real every forty-five minutes or so this morning. I'm trying to convince myself that I wouldn't have done that.


EDIT: Huh. Six months to the day in this body today. I feel like I should be commemorating it somehow.
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