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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Movie series not to combine...
... "Midnight Kung Fu Madness" and "The Sunday Eye-Opener". There's just barely enough sleeping time between getting home from Revenge Of The Shogun Women In 3-D - which includes convincing your boyfriend that no, you've got to get up early tomorrow morning because you promised you'd do something with Kate - and getting up in time to shower, dress, notice it's snowing, curse, change shoes, and catch a bus for Harvard Square to meet up with your best girlfriend and register for a film program whose first show starts at eleven o'clock.

(Aside: This embracing who I am now thing is nice and all, but looking at that paragraph, and repeating it in my head, is peculiar. Calling Kate my girlfriend makes it seem like there should be something sexual between us. Maybe I'm not ready to actually use the language yet.)

The Sunday Eye-Opener program at The Brattle Theater is a series of ten preview showings of foreign/boutique films with discussion afterward. Kate did it last "semester" and mostly had a great time - and the one she didn't really go for is the one she teases me about. It is kind of funny that she got to see Bubba Ho-Tep before I did. The price is pretty good if you don't mind paying up front; $50 for ten movies in ten weeks. And, if you're a Brattle member, it's $25. Of course, membership is $75, but it includes ten free movie tickets (which would normally cost $7.50 or $9.00)... So, I made a decision right there to join. What the heck, right; it's not like I'm likely to be jerked out of this body and identity and lose it. Of course, I didn't have $100 bucks on me, so I had to run to the ATM, and almost missed the start of the movie...

Which was good. Solid; a Spanish thing (which, oddly, is set in Paris) called City Of No Limits. It's a nifty little family drama with some thriller elements; I enjoyed it, but was glad I didn't have to pay the whole $9.00 to see it when it opens to the general public this coming weekend. There wasn't much discussion after this week - I guess the entire audience was like "meh" - so Kate and I hit Finagle A Bagel (they're everywhere) for some brunch. I ordered a huge coffee, and she asked me what was up with that.

"Jen, Carlos, Carter and I went to the midnight movie at the Coolidge last night, and I guess I'm still kind of dead-on-my-feet. Speaking of which..." I started putting one hand over one eye, then the other, and switching it around.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Well, it was in 3-D, and they had the good glasses, not the red-and-blue shit they used for Spy Kids 3... I think I've still got 'em in my purse..."

They had a plain white cardboard frame, with tinted eyepieces. "Cool... It's like what they use for IMAX, right? Polarized?"

"Yeah. But it kind of gave me a tiny headache, and I was seeing double images of stuff that was a certain distance - well, a certain apparent distance - in the background. Didn't seem to be a problem for the others, though. Anyway, when I closed my left eye, the image looked okay, if flat, but when I closed my right eye, it was all blurry. So I wonder if maybe one eye's stronger than the other or something."

"Maybe. Want me to hook you up with my eye doctor?"

"I don't know... I mean, if it's just a problem watching 3-D movies... Well, how often is that going to be an issue?"

"IMAX Film Festival next month."

"Shit, you're right. Uh... Yeah, I guess seeing him wouldn't hurt. Does our insurance cover that?"

"Yeah, we've got a pretty good policy."

While I had my purse on the table, I pulled out my wallet so I could stick the "Eye-Opener" card in there (the membership card would be mailed to me). I stuck it in right behind the dental insurance card. Huh. I've had this for six months and not had a checkup/cleaning. Probably should, huh? I started poking around my teeth my tongue, muttering something about wondering if I had any cavities or fillings.

Kate looked at me weird. "I think you'd know if you had any fillings."

"Yeah, of course I would. Cavities, though..."

Then the subject got onto George and how she felt like a jerk for feeling left out while he spent the weekend with his kid. She'd been the one saying he should spend more time with him, after all. Then she was all insecure about how she'd been seeing him for three months, why wouldn't he want her to meet his son? I told her not to worry about it, but that's sort of what she does.

I wonder if there's anything I've got to worry about - eyes, teeth... Gads, I should probably have a gynecological exam. That just sounds nasty. But, it's all stuff I should be aware of, I guess.

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