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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Like This
Hung out with Carter at the comic shop before seeing a couple movies at the Brattle tonight (two movies for the price of one... gotta love it, even if the price of one in this town is $9). It was fun, and the movies weren't bad for a couple of documentaries. Not really Carter's thing, or mine either to tell you the truth. Spellbound and Capturing The Friedmans are good movies, but I was glad to basically pay $4.50 apiece.

Anyway, yesterday an issue of DC's comic "H-E-R-O" came out that involved a guy being turned into a woman. I'd heard about it and picked it up, pleased from an aesthetic perspective that "Electric Lass" doesn't look anything like the cover; that's a butt-ugly cover. I pointed that out to Carter and he shook his head, saying he'd get crap if he bought comics based on the lead female's boobs. I joked that it was an empathy thing with me; I have to admit that it's fun to be able to talk about more or less any body part you want without reprecussions. Besides, I told him that "Vampirella" was one of the biggest sellers among women (hey, I read that once!), and it's okay, because when a woman buys it, the ideal it represents is that you can be strong and sexy at the same time, whereas men... Well, strength doesn't much enter into it. I know.

Got me thinking about what other stuff there was like that, though. I mean, I knew about Ranma, and I vaguely remember "Mantra" from when I was in college (along with an upcoming comic from Broadway Comics called "Makeshift" when there was a Broadway Comics), but it's not like "guy changing into a woman" is a big enough sub-genre to get its own shelf. Sure, you can find dozens of sites for it on the internet - you can find dozens of anything here, except explanations - but it's something you've got to hunt for on the street. I looked through the shelves, telling Carter it was fun to see stories about whether someone like him could hack being turned into someone like me. Got a nice "takes more than a killer body to be someone like you" for it. I fear I'm becoming incorrigible.

Haven't gotten a chance to actually read it yet, though, since the movie went to 11:30. Got to get to work tomorrow morning, so I'll just leave my comics to be read tomorrow.

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