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Sunday, January 04, 2004
Grocery shopping
It's funny, while I was stocking up on consumables today, I found myself giving what I bought an awful lot more consideration than I ever did in my own body. Well, maybe not more than I ever did, but certainly more than I did on average. And it's not in terms of "I don't know this body's medical history" - after almost six months, I at least have some idea what's not going to sit well. Damn, I miss peanut butter cups.

No, I was actually thinking "should I really buy that meat? It's got one of those 'we need to sell it by Tuesday' coupons, and that's on top of it being red meat." Because, after all, it looks like I'm stuck with this body now, so I should take care of it, right?

I actually started laughing right in the middle of the supermarket at that. I mean, really, it's not like there's anything untrue about it being a good idea to take care of the body you've got, ever. I just had a sudden moment where I saw the illogic of having that idea hit home for me because it looks like I'm "stuck" in my second body. For crying out loud, for approximately six billion people, the idea that they'll have the body they're in for the rest of their life is a given, but that doesn't necessarily motivate them to take care of it. And me, I'm one of what must be a pretty small group that knows a mind can be stuck into another body - even if you consider the hundred or so people who read this, that's not a lot of people. Why not live it up, especially if I think I'm getting closer to figuring out who has access to the body-switching tech? Is it just because someone told me I was stuck in this body, someone I imagine would be in some kind of position of authority?
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