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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Getting through it
I suppose I was asking for it; still, this is an awful lot of one week to spend on one thing.

Monday afternoon, Carter asks if I'd like to see a movie that night. I guess we haven't been dating long enough for him to realize that the question is superfluous - I would always like to see a movie - so I explained that to him and asked him what he wanted to see. He hemmed and hawed and then said to just pick one I hadn't seen. Well, I figured Return Of The King must be sinking toward the less-premium screens fairly quickly, so I suggested that. What surprised me was when he mentioned that he hadn't seen the first two.

I mean, okay, that's a perfectly defensible position. Truth be told, I'm not into the whole sword-and-sorcery scene much myself - not into the whole romanticizing of a lawless time when superstition ruled, disease ran rampant, women were treated as chattel, etc. But I'm a fan of Peter Jackson - Heavenly Creatures is brilliant, The Frighteners is fun, and Forgotten Silver is something every moviegoer MUST see - and cool special effects can get me into a theater pretty easily. It's just, as I told him, not the sort of thing you expect to hear from a computer programmer in a technology company.

He's like, hey, I'm kind of surprised you haven't seen it yet yourself, all the movies you go to. I tell him that I know he said my nerdy tendencies were part of my charm, but I'm also got hot chick stuff to do, too. That leads to compliments which I soak up. Anyway, we agree to hit Blockbuster after work so we can get him up to speed, so he'll be ready on Wednesday.

He kind of chuckles when I give the teenager in the video store a hard time... Well, not a hard time, but I checked to make sure we'd gotten the widescreen DVDs as opposed to the crop-o-vision ones. He started in with the "what's the big deal", even though there were people in line behind me. I considered giving him the lecture, but didn't want to hold up the line, so I kind of pulled my top tight and leaned over the counter, giving him a pretty good cleavage look, and said I knew what I liked. Got the version I wanted.

Heh, maybe you could say I gave him a hard time. Carter looked a bit tetchy afterwards, asking what that was all about. I told him the same thing a girlfriend told me one time when I got similarly grumpy after she did something like that: When you've got more breast than is strictly necessary, you might as well get some use out of them; otherwise, you're doing more work hauling them around and not getting any benefits from it. At the time I thought it crass and hypocritical, since she had a killer look that could make a person feel deeply ashamed to have allowed their eyes to linger, and you know what - it is. But that's how people are, and I'm no different.

The really cool part last night was that Carter cooked for me, and he was good at it. Said he'd worked in a restaurant to make ends meet in college, which combined with ROTC must have meant a killer schedule, and picked some stuff up. It's apparently great to finally have a kitchen that lets him really do good work.

Anyway, by the time dinner was finshed, it was almost eight, so I stayed over there. We stopped for takeout tonight, and started The Two Towers pretty soon after. Carter asked me to spend the night again, but, well, I really needed to change my underwear. I've heard women sometimes keep an extra pair in their purse, but not actually seen it done, so I'm a little wary of starting; I see my purse spilling and having to explain them.

I'll kind of be glad when we get back from the movie tomorrow. It's taking those short people an awful long time to dispose of one unwanted piece of jewelry.

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