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Thursday, January 08, 2004
Cold enough to miss facial hair
And I don't say that lightly. Hair on one's face is a pain in the neck. As annoying and time-consuming as shaving one's legs and armpits is, one can cover up a nick or a cut with just about any pair of pants in one's closet. Not so with the face - there, any stupid thing you did was on display for the entire world to see. And you almost had to shave, because the period between being clean-shaven and having a full beard or even just a mustache is just embarassing. You look like you either forgot to shave or like you don't have enough testosterone to actually grow a beard. Though, maybe if I'd been able to grow hair as quickly as Michelle's body does...

Still, I did occasionally grow a beard during the winter, especially if I was going to be outside for more than enough time to get to the T and back on an average day. Just don't shave Friday and hope for the best by Monday. It was nice on days as cold as it's been here this week, after that freak snow squall on Tuesday. It's not that girls have no recourse for sub-zero wind chills - indeed, in some ways the options are better. Hair long enough to cover the ears, and you can wear a scarf over the area that a beard and mustache would otherwise cover without people making "bandito" jokes of some sort. In fact, you can put pretty much anything on your head. Hats that make guys look like dorks are just accepted on girls. They may even be cute. It's just that natural face fur can be pretty darn effective.

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