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Thursday, December 18, 2003
Yup, Jen was at the movie last night
... And wanted details, or dish, or whatever, when she got to work this morning. The truth - that we went shopping for comic books and then went to the movie. Maybe we flirted a little, but neither of us was exactly working it, as they say. Like I told Jen, I've sort of been going for guys I'll likely never see again, so that I can get what I want and move on. Getting something started with a co-worker is a minefield I'm not looking to get into.

Maybe Carter was a little more talkative when he walked by my desk today. It was a good day for doing that; people were coming by all day to sign Judy's retirement card; we'll be giving it to her along with a present at the Christmas party on Tuesday. And, of course, since I'm picking up the slack for her, it was also my job to update the vacation board. Lots of people are taking the week between Christmas and New Year's off, and I honestly think I'm the only one scheduled to come in to work the day after Christmas.

I guess it's a nice week to take off, especially since a lot of people working here aren't from New England. Heck, I think they should just run a shuttle from here to the airport after the party. Mark and Dimitri both came to mark their days off at the same time, with Mark making a comment about whether or not Sam would be joining Dimitri on his first trip back to Ukraine in years, what with how she flipped out on a short trip down the eastern seaboard. Dimitri said not to worry; they were taking the red eye to Paris so she could sleep through it and then traveling the rest of the way by train. "Was funny conversation with the travel agent - are you sure you don't have anything later?"

Of course, what this means for me is that there won't be many people left in Boston to help clean up. I'm already handling most of the stuff that has to do with the "retirement party" aspect, as well as whatever calls about renting the room come after two in the afternoon. I remember why I never volunteered for this stuff, much less let it be my job.

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