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Friday, December 05, 2003
Well, if we don't get TWO FREAKING FEET OF SNOW
So, Jen's boyfriend Carlos's friend called tonight. He seems like a nice enough guy. The initial contact when you're being set up is kind of weird (Jen's party doesn't count, since he was encased in a costume and didn't talk). You've got one friend in common who assures you that you'll like each other, and maybe you know a little more. I think I wound up asking about how cool it was that Godzilla/Mothra/King Ghidorah: Giant Monster All Out Attack was subtitled as opposed to dubbed at the Boston Fantastic Film Festival in October. I don't think he was as jazzed as I was about it; I guess he just thought Godzilla would be a cool costume, rather than really being much of a G-fan.

It took forever to get around to the recent good news about the Red Sox, because apparently he was all nervous about talking sports with a girl. Which makes me think, geez, did Jen and Carlos tell him anything about me? Even if they don't know the whole deal, you'd think they'd at least say "we meet Michelle for the WWAK every week", or "Michelle's one of the biggest Red Sox fans we know". I think the only thing he knew about me was that I'd been going out with someone who was also seeing another girl and kind of overreacted to it afterward. Which is sort of weird to me; I can understand wanting a two people to get to know each other on their own, but I just think you'd tell him the less personal stuff.

Anyway, we're going to see a movie tomorrow night (apparently he did get that I like movies a lot). Don't know what it'll be; probably "whatever starts next after we get there". That is, if we get there - the weather forecast for Boston is hellacious this weekend.

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