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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
The kind of girl who...
Still cold. Still don't like it.

After a break to let the students travel home for Thanksgiving last week, the Weekly Wednesday Ass-Kicking was back tonight. Decent attendence; Kurt, Wei, Jim, Denise's little sister and her boyfriend were all in evidence. They sat on the right side and in back when they saw me, Jen, and Carlos on the left side and in front. Okay, I can sort of understand not wanting anything to do with me (even though I figure the only thing I really did wrong, keeping who I really am a secret, is something they couldn't possibly know about), but why take it so far as to sit in crappy seats at the movies?

That's a rule I had as a guy: If you can't sit where you want at the movies, she's still in control of your life. Sort of like "if we can't ______, then the terrorists have already won", only mine predates that and I'm fully aware of its pettiness. But there's a certain amount of truth to it, I think - you can't let a breakup dictate how you're going to live your life.

Anyway, I'm glad they all came. This series must run on the ragged edge of existence, considering the size of some of its audiences (Kate, Jen and I were 60% of the audience at Jen's first Ass-Kicking), so I'd hate to be responsible for driving any part of that audience away. Besides, it looks like this theater is going to be turned into a Staples sometime around March, so I want it to be healthy enough to find a new home.

The movie itself (Peacock King) was bizarre - we are talking martial-arts horror that includes stop-motion monsters here, with generous gore. And the slowest giant evil monster in movie history. Kate wouldn't talk to me any more if she saw me enjoying this movie.

We stopped in Great Scott for a drink after, and Jen and I talked a bit while Carlos drained his large $5 soda. She gasped when I told her about what happened this weekend. "Must have put you right off men; I know it would for me."

My response was, basically, "I wish!" I told her I was already climbing the walls because I didn't trust myself to not do something stupid if I went out dancing and got a couple drinks in me, but had gotten out of the habit of staying home alone and watching TV. She said it sounded like I just wasn't any good at being alone, and I said I guessed not. She asked why I didn't call Paul (Carlos's old partner), and I told her I didn't want to be the kind of girl who couldn't handle not having a man in her life.

"Oh, so it's going to be 'the kind of girl' now. Just remember, you could also be 'the kind of girl who lets a good thing pass her by'. Then there's 'the kind of girl who doesn't like cops'..."

I told her I had no problem with cops; she then said we were down to "the kind of girl who doesn't call guys first". That's when Carlos came back out, and Jen told him everything, and somehow it led up to Carlos having my phone number and saying he'd give it to Paul the next time they saw each other.

Then I went home after one drink, not because I didn't trust myself, but, hey, friggin cold and not warming up.


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