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Friday, November 28, 2003
Three's company
Okay, I'll admit it, I feel a little slutty after last night. God, the guy was a musician, and there was another girl, and sure, he was a really good guitar player and she was cool, but I can't believe I went there.

I suppose I was kind of impressed by a band in a club playing, along with their originals (which were pretty good), both Beatles and Huey Lewis songs. It's tough enough to look cool singing the Beatles - you usually come off as this fawning nerd who's overlooking three decades of music - but Huey Lewis is pure 80's kitsch now. When the band was between sets, I decided to ask who had gone for those, and they pointed to the guitar player. He was fun to talk to, but by the time the evening was over, there were more girls than there were members of the band.

I probably wouldn't have done the threesome thing if Jill and I hadn't gotten on so well. It was a weird situation; after the band went on for their second set, we finished our drink together, sort of hung around near each other on the dance floor. Girls can dance together, but we didn't do that much; there were enough guys to keep us busy and buy us drinks. When Larry came up after the show like "oh, you're both still here?", he actually looked worried, but Jill looked at me, smiled, then turned back to him and said "yeah, do you have a problem with that?" And I realized that I certainly didn't, because I wanted to keep hanging out with both of them.

The band was checked into a hotel - they're from Portsmouth or thereabouts - and I swear, all three of us giggled as we went into Larry's room. We honestly didn't know how to handle the situation - a threesome is certainly not a situation that came up when I was in college (hard enough to find one woman at and engineerings school!).

We started by Jill and I making out a little, since that seemed to be the best way for neither of us to feel slighted or second-best. I hadn't really forgotten what kissing a girl was like, but this was still different from doing it as a guy. She's not quite as busty as I am, but our boobs sort of collided down there, which made us giggle again. There was also a neat sort of symmetry of caressing her breast while she caressed mine, and Larry was ready in no time. Jill wasn't too picky about condoms, so she rode him while he fingered me sitting on his chest. When it was my turn down there, though, I insisted.

It must have been about one when we started, and I didn't check the clock when we finally collapsed. I do know it was almost eleven o'clock when Larry shook me and Jill awake (because the band was checking out), and neither of us felt like we'd gotten a full night of sleep.

Jill and I had lunch together, because we really felt we'd connected as friends, but it was pretty awkward. I didn't feel bad about what we'd done the previous night, or see her as some kind of rival, but she seemed a little weirded out. She said she'd never made out with a girl before, and I wasn't sure how to answer her question when she asked if I had; this was my first time with a girl as a girl too. And truth be told, I was kind of freaked by the "would she have done that with Martin Hartle?" question.

I don't think I'll be doing a threesome again. It was fun once - a whole lot of fun - but it seems to leave a lot of baggage afterwards, and right now I'm all about no baggage.

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