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Thursday, November 20, 2003
Some folks get two long weekends in a row
Busy day at work today, as half the office seemed to be trying to get two day's work done before 4pm. Apparently, one of BioSoft's first clients was a pharmeceutical firm down in the Baltimore area, Sayers & Harcourt. BioSoft developed two products for them: The first was a system which could rapidly extrapolate variations on a given chemical structure based upon different isotopes and identify when this would change their behavior; the second is a clinical testing management system.

Anyway, S&H is receiving FDA approval for a drug that only shows certain side-effects when one carbon atom has an atomic weight of 14 rather than 12. Knowing this means the company can tighten manufacturing tolerances, and this eyedrop can go on the market after its smooth clinical tests.

There's a big party and media event tomorrow night, with folks from BioSoft invited. Not me, of course, but Mr. Kraft, Mark, Dimitri, Janet and Jen are catching a 7pm flight along with their spouses & S.O.'s. They'll probably spend a good chunk of tomorrow at the hotel answering questions, but Mr. K had Judy make sure their hotel rooms were booked for the entire weekend so that they could play tourist a little.

Pretty cool, I figure. The first dot-com I was at did events like that, but they're gone now. I really wish I was working here as something more than a receptionist.


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