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Thursday, November 06, 2003
Getting mail is mostly a good feeling.

When I first was in this body, I never got any mail except the phone, electric, and cable bills. Occasionally a sales flyer or something otherwise addressed to "Occupant". After a month or so, they started saying "Michelle Garber or Current Occupant", which I kind of smirked at once or twice, because in my case "Or Current Occupant" could refer to the body in the apartment or the personality/soul in the body.

Eventually, of course, I got on more specific mailing lists, received packages, and subscribed to magazines (though I passed on the "money-saving offers" for multi-year subscriptions - I hope not to be here that long). Still no personal letters, but who writes those any more? Even my mom has figured email out. I was still excited about getting the new Bits & Pieces catalog more or less unsolicited, and now I won't forget to buy Analog every month.

It's kind of interesting - where "Michelle" was sort of a blank slate back in July, you can now look through "her" mailbox and see a person's personality emerge. I've defined her, in a way. Of course, I've defined her as me (although the Victoria's Secret catalogs come for a different reason), just as she has probably defined "Martin Hartle" for the people in Seattle who never knew me with her own tastes and preferences. And every item that's something I want, or sent to me because some marketer or AI thought perhaps I would be receptive to it, is like an accusation that I'm settling in, getting comfortable, and making the name and body my own.

Speaking of mail, a big thank you to George, who in his e-mail suggested I might send a card or flowers (no postmark, natch) to Wei to offer my congratulations, and sign it with my real name. I honestly hadn't thought of that, and it's tempting. If it's something Michelle has already done, well, if Wei calls "Martin" to mention it, the thief can probably figure out what happened and say she was absent minded or something.

I may just do that, although the fact that it would of necessity be a one-way communication chafes me.

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