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Friday, November 21, 2003
Idle time...
What a boring day at work. It's Friday. Next week is short, so there weren't a lot of people calling to make appointments or arrangement for then. A good chunk of the staff were out of the office on a business trip. Nothing was delivered, the phone didn't ring, no-one's came in to see anybody else.

It's funny, but days like today seem like even more of a waste of time than they were before. Part of it's the less-skilled job; there's less room to show initiative, so there are fewer ways to fill your time without appearing to be goofing off. But being bored in someone else's body is like when you're waiting for biopsy results, or like this spring when I found out a guy I knew in high school was shipping out to Iraq. You just feel like you should be doing something to fix the situation, but there's nothing you can think of to do. So it starts to weigh on you. Seriously - at one point this afternoon, I was actually thinking "were my boobs this heavy yesterday?" and went into the ladies' room to check. I've also found that with the longer hair, I'm starting to develop a nervous habit of coiling it around my index finger, and that becomes like an itch to scratch.

I suppose I could try searching the internet for stuff on Michelle/"Martin", or Natalya Tartakovsky, or stuff like that, but... Well, it's the same reason I don't write this blog at work any more. Maybe I'm paranoid, but unless I accept the whole "witchcraft" explanation (ha!), I figure Michelle must have had some help switching with me. And even if nobody at BioSoft could actually build a body-switching machine, it seems likely that she would have met whoever did build it through the place. It could be a client or another employee, and they could still be watching me.

Heck, Kate or Jen could be reporting information back to Michelle or trying to influence me. Jen did seem rather keen on my getting another boyfriend this week, for instance. And what would she tell Michelle about how I'm getting some use out of her body?

But, of course, the idea that Kate and Jen are spying on me is ridiculous. Neither really seems like the type who could contribute much to a mind-transfer device (scientific knowledge is pretty specialized, no matter what you see on TV, and Kate's in finance, for crying out loud), and Janet had to prompt them to hang out with me. Unless Janet's the criminal mastermind, testing some body-swapping device in hopes of being young again...

See, that's the kind of thing that fills your mind under these circumstances. Every scenario from some weird revenge plot of Maggie's to Kurt trying to build the ultimate girlfriend to alien infiltration. But only one can be true, and it's probably the one that involves the fewest people - this is kind of a big technological advance to hide.


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