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Monday, November 17, 2003
Double shot
I've been busier at work lately - no more field trips, but Mr. Kraft is apparently impressed enough with my ability to do more than look pretty and answer the phone that I've been getting more to do. Mostly mundane secretarial stuff, typing up letters and documentation, but also some office management - Judy probably would have retired months ago, but wants to collect a paycheck long enough to spoil her grandkids for Christmas. She's leaving at about 2pm until she does retire at the end of the year, though, and it's been up to me to pick up some of the slack. As a result, I've had a lot less time to even try to update this during work, and I would worry about someone coming behind my desk to pick up the ringing phone and seeing it.

I haven't been offered Judy's job when she leaves, and I'm not sure if I even want it - I really don't know what she gets paid relative to what I do, for instance. Besides, a lot of what she does is staying on top of the rent and the utilities and stuff like that, and I'm hopeless enough where my own/Michelle's apartment is concerned.

I do think if I'm going to be doing more of this other stuff, though, some sort of raise would be in order at "Michelle"'s six-month review.

The official "girls' movie night" is tomorrow, but Kate and I took in Die, Mommie, Die! tonight. I hadn't pegged Kate as someone who would go for a movie from the writer of Psycho Beach Party, but she was taken in by the hugely funny trailer, like the genre it's sending up, and confesses to having watched 90210 when she was younger and wanting to see what Jason Priestly is up to.

There was, of course, the fun, irony-tinged conversation afterward. See, the female lead is played by the movie's writer, Charles Busch - a guy. Kate said she thought the entire idea was silly, that even though he could sort of pass as an older woman, she thought a woman could have made the character more believable (which was kind of missing the point)... That guys can't really duplicate what goes on inside a woman's mind and it just seems phony. I thought to myself that she never seemed to think I acted strangely - well, okay, she has, but not in a way that would make her suspect what was really going on inside Michelle's head - but instead commented that, hey, a woman would be working with a creator created by a man anyway. Besides, it added camp appeal.

As for the movie itself - I liked it, quite a bit. I've got no interest in seeing the other drag movie in town (Girls Will Be Girls at the Kendall), but this was a good time. Of course, now that I've seen it and can recommend it, I think it's on the last week of its three-week limited run.

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