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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Won't be at Kurt's tonight
From comments:

the Sox win the series? dream on! they're going to beat the A's just so you Red Sox fans can suffer yet another loss to the Yankees!

Didn't happen tonight, and I'm feeling really optimistic about the rest of the series. Saturday is, of course, Pedro Day, and we could see a repeat of Pedro-Roger I from four years ago. Tonight Derek Lowe faces off against Andy Petitte, and doesn't that sound more advantageous for the Sox than Wakefield-Mussina?

Not sure where we'll be watching it tonight, though - when I woke up this morning, I heard Kurt and his roommate arguing, because apparently he's expecting his boyfriend's parents and doesn't want us rowdies in the living room. On the face of it, reasonable enough, but it quickly degenerated into a pointless argument over who told who what when. Wouldn't even be worth mentioning if part of what he was complaining about wasn't "finding that slut's clothes everywhere".

Slut? Slut? Aside from having a point about how we tend to leave clothes (and not just mine, mind you) lying around, I don't see how I can fit that description. I'm not promiscuous, and Kurt and I don't do anything really weird - the strangest was last night, when I let him stick his unit between my boobs, but we probably won't do that again, since that brings it uncomfortably close to my mouth, and that's just not happening ever (in almost thirty years of being a man, I've washed my hands almost every time I went to the bathroom, but never my dick, and I assume Kurt's ratio is similar, so the prospect of a BJ is too nasty to consider). I didn't give it up on the first date. And it's not a self-esteem thing; I've said "no" more than once, and had that respected.

Of course, I missed the really good stuff, because Kurt made lots of shushing noises when his roommate said "now, if it was just Denise..." Is she quieter or something, or is it just because of how we look? I guess a sleek redhead whatever-she-does makes a better impression than a busty secretary. Of course, if it's the other thing, I don't know whether to find it amusing or scary that I could be more enthusiastic during sex than a natural-born woman. I'll go with funny, just because I imagine everything is more fun when it's new.

Anyway, I waited five minutes before grabbing a bathrobe out of Kurt's closet and opening the bedroom door, stopping their conversation dead cold. By the time I got out of the shower, Kurt's roommate was gone and we were talking possible plans for the evening. We'll probably just meet up at The Place or something like that.

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