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Friday, October 31, 2003
Why am I typing this?
GOd, what a night. That is without a doubt the best hallowwen party I've ever been to. Bobbing for apples takes on an entirely different feel when the water in the barrell is something like 1-ieghth vodka.

But,really, I think I drank too much. I didn't reallyize exactly how horny I'd gotten since Kurt dmped me, and after a few drinks (and apples), I think I almos slept with Godzilla. Not because Iwas attracted to the guy inside the costuej - I still don't know just who the fuck it was - but because at one point last night, I actually thought Gozilla looked hot. I mean, I sort of admired the ingenuity involved in the costume - I ond't know how the tail was articulated, and ,really, there was something sort of phallic about it when you give it a little thought.

To a cetain extent, It hink I was worried about nothing. A party's a party, and after a while at a Halloween party, you sort of forget that everyone's dressed up in goofy outfits, except when you make a goofy joke about your costume or the one the person talking to you is wearing.

I don't know why I drank so much; I'm usually not a big drinker. Well, Okay, I was in college, but evers ince ending up in michelle's body, I'be tried to be careful... Lower body waight and stuff I don't want eople to know, you know. I was just having fun, for the most part, but it seemed like practically everyone was going for sex appeal, and I think that was part of it..... I saw something pretty nice in Jen's school girl outfit and Carter's Taarrzan one, but I don't know whether o was drinkng to distract myselfor to work oup the nerve do do something. Good think I had Jen call a cab beore I did smething really stupid. I think I'll just peel out of htis thing and head to bed.

-Marti 9who's gonna worry about why ther's tape on my tits tomorrow)
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