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Monday, October 13, 2003
Stupid, selfish...
Sometimes an idea doesn't come to you until you've had a chance to sleep on it. For example, I wrote this last night:

Is Michelle going out with this girl because she sees what she wishes she were in Natalya? This hair was dyed blond when I first met her, and maybe after a decade or so of lugging these breasts around, she might have liked the idea of smaller ones. Michelle came off kind of snotty the night I first met her, and Nat is potentially fabulously wealthy - maybe she likes the idea of entering a higher orbit.
...but I didn't make the obvious connection until I woke up this morning: What if I'm just a stepping stone of some sort so that Michelle could get to this Natalya, or more likely just someone like Natalya?

On the face, this theory seems obvious, but it's got a few problems. I always figured one of the reasons she switched with me was so that she didn't have to learn a lot or risk someone thinking I was acting strange - moving cross-country, I was a clean slate. That would be a whole lot tougher to pull off with her. But, if she insinuates "Martin" into Natalya's life, she can learn more before she pulls it off, and then maybe keep Martin/Natalya around to advise her on anything.

And, of course, if Michelle is just looking to switch with Nat (if she hasn't already), my chances of ever getting my own body back drop almost to nothing.

Damn it! I was going to use the holiday to see Kill Bill and Intolerable Cruelty, and now I guess I'd better spend it finding some contact info for this Tartakovsky girl.

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