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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Mustn't judge...
I am giddy waiting for tonight's game. The pitching matchup doesn't really favor the Sox, but the offense has been showing signs of waking up. Could be an epic series; I can't wait until we all gather at Kurt's tonight.

Hopefully, by then, I'll have stopped fretting over how the guys were looking at this girl during lunch hour. Usually I eat with Jen & Kate, but Kate was in a meeting and Jen was meeting an old college friend. Besides, going out with Dimitri, Carter, and Mark meant I'd be able to have a burger. The thought of having a mid-day burger - and fries! - seemed somewhat scandalous after a couple months of rabbit food with the girls for lunch.

Anyway, we're sitting down in the Common, talking about not much of anything while stuffing our faces when Dimitri tilts his head toward one of the pushcarts. "Check her out."

We look over, and the girl manning it isn't really the type that's ever done anything for me. Way too many puncture wounds (OK, "piercings"), pale, dressed in black and big, clunky boots, bored-looking. Her black hair's just as fake as Michelle's blonde hair was when she first switched bodies with me. And...

"Dude, she's kind of young."

Carter's right about that - once I look closer, I don't think she can be a day over seventeen. By which I mean "just turned seventeen-point-oh", all skinny legs and no creases in her skin anywhere and a bit of acne by her temples.

I say as much, and Dimitri says that's impossible, because she'd be in school at this hour. Carter says she could be a dropout, while Mark says he bets she's a runaway. I can see that - she's got a large duffel sitting behind one of the pushcarts, and the job probably pays in cash daily - but Dimitri makes some comment about not seeing why any kid would run away from home in America. We all just shake our heads, but I notice Dimitri sneaks some looks back at her as we head back.

I know I'm not really in any position to judge what another person goes for - after the game tonight, I'll probably get groiny with Kurt, and sex with your best friend despite having been a member of the opposite sex until three months earlier while lying to him about who you really are can't be healthy. And Dimitri may not really think she's that young. And it's not like he acted on it, and I'm sure I've checked out a few high school girls on the subway thinking they were older in my time. But, geez... I'd just started to tune out Dimitri hitting on me every morning. Now, it's just going to seem extra-special creepy tomorrow.

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