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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Late movies, games...
So, I'm just not sleeping this week.

Monday was just insomnia, and tonight there's a ballgame that starts at ten, but last night was something of a combination of the two. It was Kate's night to choose the movie, and she wanted to see The Other Side Of The Bed. Only hitch, of course, was that it had been playing long enough that it was only starting at 9:25.

Fortunately, it was payday, and my paycheck came with a reminder that the company would reimburse me for $600 in fall clothing if I had the receipts in by the end of next week. Since the movie was going to be at Copley Place, I suggested to Jen & Kate that they help me get that over with. The idea was well-received, and after a quick bite of chinese food in the food court, we got to work.

As much as skirts and dresses still sort of feel like cross-dressing, the bare-legged feeling is nice. Even with pantyhose on, it's not so stuffy as wearing pants on a warm day. Those days are waning, though, so I stocked up on slacks for fall, along with a few longer skirts. It took a lot of trial and error to find tops to go with them, too, since almost everything seemed to make my breasts look huge. "Big" is okay, but the way some of those things stretched made me wonder how I was staying upright when I looked in the mirror. I wound up going for a lot of dark sweaters.

As if the money didn't go fast enough, there were also shoes. Shoe-shopping was actually something of a relief - I'm not turning into a collector or anything, but if I can't wear sneakers, I'm at least glad not to wear sandals-with-heels or other shoes where your foot is exposed any more. Aside from not giving you any protection for when someone steps on your foot, toes look stupid.

(Yes, this last statement may be coming from seventeen years of hairy toes. The sentiment lingers)

The movie was pretty good, for a Spanish musical comedy. I find that having done the whole heterosexual girl thing hasn't dimmed my appreciation for Paz Vega. I'm sure that someday she'll do a movie that gets exported to the US where she doesn't get naked (see also Sex And Lucia and the great silent-movie sequence in Talk To Her), but that will be a decidedly mixed blessing.

I always find myself wondering, when I see an actor or actress I like in a foreign movie, how well they speak English and whether they could be convinced to do something in Hollywood. I feel bad about this, because they probably won't be able to perform as well in a second language, and, besides, other film industries need their charismatic stars. It gives us more variety than if everything was coming out of Hollywood. Still, you don't get the production values of Hollywood anywhere else, as this movie (and other foreign musicals I've seen in the last few years) can attest - they just don't have the resources for a spectacle in the musical numbers, and they look small compared to Chicago or even the animated stuff.

Anyway, we more or less enjoyed the movie, though I took some ribbing about how a good chunk of the movie was devoted to a guy who wouldn't choose one girl over another (with one knowing he had two girlfriends and the other not), and he pretty much came off as a jerk. At least Kurt can say he met "Michelle" and Denise at the same time, giving us an equal claim to him. The "Javier" character - just a jerk, and I'm pretty sure I would have felt that way if I hadn't spent the past two and a half months in Michelle's body.

Also, I never used to notice so many parallels between the movies and my real life. Of course, my real life doesn't much resemble real life, so I suppose it's not too ridiculous.

It was past midnight by the time I got home, and I was still wide awake, so I watched some TV I'd taped earlier. Three things: I miss my TiVo terribly, I liked Gilmore Girls since episode one, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is at least twice as scary for a woman (though last night's at least didn't involve sexual assault).

Oh... And I feel like I should have picked something up at Victoria's Secret, too, since I'll be staying at Kurt's tonight. Big playoff game that won't be over until after the T stops running, and he does have the nice TV. Still, it's a little awkward to plan staying at his apartment, bringing a change of clothing and toothbrush and everything, knowing I'll be sleeping in the same bed and, if the Sox/sex connection holds... I mean, it won't be a spur-of-the-moment thing. I'm doing it because it's what I want to do.

I am going to need so much therapy when I get my own body back...

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